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On Demand Learning

NCFS offers an extensive array of business resources that extend far beyond financial transactions. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to flourish. We recognize that a thriving business necessitates more than just funding—it requires strategic direction, mentorship, and connections to valuable networks. That's why our lending approach integrates a comprehensive suite of resources, including personalized business coaching and online access to Initiate, a platform designed to propel your business towards success.

In partnership with the Native CDFI Network, NCFS is thrilled to introduce the Initiate Prosperity program, ensuring round-the-clock access to online business resources for our clients.


This platform boasts an extensive library of interactive tools and resources such as, templates, videos, and guides to effectively support your ventures. From inception to financial management, to marketing and operational integration, NCFS's Initiate equips you with the necessary resources to steer your business towards success. We also provide access to NCFS Webinars & Workshops that have been previously recorded.  

We deliver customized financial solutions, expert guidance on sustainable business practices, and skill development workshops. Our dedicated team works closely with entrepreneurs, providing tailored support that goes above and beyond. By offering these indispensable resources, we don't just finance businesses; we cultivate their growth, ensuring they possess the tools and know-how to thrive in today's competitive environment.

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